Submission to Pulpo Gallery Open Call

Hi Katherina,


Thank you for the opportunity to submit.

My proposal is to exhibit a new cohesive body of work specific to the location of the exhibit.

The photographic compositions will be similar in context to the works displayed below.


Near Life Experience 

Portraits of physical and emotional connections with home. [selection from the series]

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The process

I photograph nude life models [all genders] before a green screen, remove the backgrounds and digitally merge the body image with exterior/interior images I’ve shot elsewhere in the subject’s living environment. I sometimes digitally draw on an image to clothe parts of the body or tweak elements.


I work with professional life models and/or members of the public.

For example, of the three models in the images above, one was a professional life model I hired through an agency, one was a friend and one was a stranger.

Note: [model release forms are signed in every case]


Note: If selected to exhibit at Pulpo Gallery I will make contact with potential life models in the area and travel there to meet them, learn about their lives and living environment and photograph them. The entire process, including editing and printing, will take a few months. I don't envisage too much difficulty finding life models living within the region, as from past experience, people tend to be more relaxed about the idea of being photographed nude once they view some of my earlier work and see that the images are not overtly sexual.


The finished prints

Lightfast inks on matte finished rigid aluminium dibond panels 3mm deep.

The size depends on the final composition but would usually be 60cm x 60cm minimum and up to one square metre.

All images are presented unframed, in square format and numbered and signed on the back.

Images are printed in a limited edition. Usually a low number - between 1 and 8.

- The exact number to be decided in consultation with the gallery.


Thanks again Katherina for your time and consideration,

Much appreciated,

Declan Cody

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